Child paintable graffiti Indian Teepee Tent creative Kid Painting Play Tent

* The Package comes with 3 different design of graffiti Indian teepee tents. The pattern of graffiti teepee tent include: Indian Tribe Scheme; Ocean Animal Scheme and Dinosaurs Family Scheme(Please see the images of this listing)

*e-Joy graffiti teepee tent arrives as a blank canvas with different graphic schemes. The pattern of graffiti schemes include: Indian Tribe; Ocean Animal and Dinosaurs Family(Please see the images of this listing), paint brush with different colors included (though you may want to pick up extra at the craft store).  LED lights is optional with additional purchases

*e-Joy graffiti teepee tent can make an incredible project for kids to show off their creativity, imagination. It would be more exciting to get to work with friends and family together. It also help children to build up knowledge regarding to native American, ocean creature, and dinosaur family

*e-Joy graffiti teepee tent can also make great teamwork project. Children can sit down and research a variety of graphic symbols and choose our favorite colors to decorate based on their imagination. You would be amazed how drawing abilities and imagination your kids demonstrate. Your children will love the fun graphics they choose and colored. They will complete the teepee independently by themselves.

*e-Joy teepee tents are made of 100% natural, non-toxic, unpainted cotton canvas. The tent poles are made of sturdy pine wood and are free of chemical odors and harmful substances. Only the best for your little kids! Perfect for playtime, indoor camping and even sleepovers, this kids teepee will let your kids play with their imagination.

* GREAT CHILDREN’S GIFT IDEA: Whether you have a little Indian of your own or looking for a nice present for the child of a friend or family member, this canvas teepee tent is a great gift.

Dimensions (Overall): 72 inches (L) x 50 inches (W) x 50 inches (H)