Alcott Hill Chinese Flying Sky Paper Lantern Eco Friendly, 100% Biodegradable Paper Sky Lantern to Release in Sky

by e-joy

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Sky lanterns give you the opportunity to create a truly unique experience for your event or celebration that will be remembered. You can be sure that everyone will want to share the same memories with their friends and family at their events. When sky lanterns are simultaneously released into the night sky they create a truly mesmerizing display, which is both noiseless and epic. They are ideally suited for a multitude of celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, new year parties, back-yard BBQ's, tailgating and much more. These fully biodegradable lanterns are made out of rice paper, non-toxic wax and bamboo. They are fitted with fuel cells for a long flight and will burn for 10 mins approx and can fly over a mile high.


  • Each pack includes 20 piece white floating sky lanterns
  • Write your wish on these lanterns and let it fly into the sky, create a romantic and fantastic atmosphere for your lovers on your date or special days
  • Made from superior quality, flame retardant paper, safe and easy to use
  • Push the distance with e-Joy excellent quality sky lanterns. Eco wire-free sky lanterns can fly up to 1,000m or more.
  • Includes fuel cells: Each sky lantern comes equipped with its own fuel cell, which heats up the air inside of the lantern
  • Flight height: Up to approx 1000m
  • Duration: Approx 10-12 min

Customer Reviews

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These worked great!! I was so surprised because I had heard bad stories from people dealing with other lanterns!

Love these

These are fantastic. We sent them up in the sky on my granddaughter's birthday. She is in heaven and this was a very special way to celebrate her.

Cute... Easy to use. Everyone loved them.

The instructions were easy and simple.

Beautiful floating Japanese Lanterns

They were so pretty as the floated out of sight.

perfect! the best - so glad i choose these from the other options

exactly as described - made our ceremony perfect and all worked flawlessly!