Moisture Proof and Mildew Resistant Fabric Indian Teepee, Kid Play Tent Children Playhouse

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e*Family-sized 9' teepee Tent makes a great private play space indoors or out .

*Sleeps 2 adults and 2 kids or a slumber party of kids comfortably.

*Crafted from fabric that is Moisture proof and mildew resistant. The tent is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. It can also be used as camping tent as well.

*This teepee comes with ground cover makes the perfect place to sit down and play. Led lights can be added in for party event and yard decoration.

*Size: side length 55 inch, bottom to tent top height: 90 inch, pole length 100 inch, for children ages 3 and up All materials comply with CE Marking safety standards, 5 wood poles in 2 parts and can be assembly.

*For children play is one of the primary learning process, by touch, listen, look, combination, feeling, understanding, the children are happy to play in the process of found them around the world. Good toys should be for the children's imagination and creativity to provide a free space.Play tent is just such a led the children to the palace of knowledge good enlightenment teacher, had to accompany it, your child will spend a happy childhood.

*Super lovely fantasy games tent, children can play in the tent to play, read a book, or even sleeping.Can also take it when it's fine to outdoor games, this tent but fold, easy to carry, without condole can stand on the bottom, the operation is simple and convenient.

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Very cute teepee for my 2 year old granddaughter. She loves going in the teepee with her stuffed animals to play.